• Your Health & Your Home

    Your Health and Your Home

    Everyone likes coming home to a clean house but no one really enjoys cleaning it. We have to have a complete cleaning spree before we
    can have anyone visit or God forbid an unannounced guest pitches up and you
    have to find excuses to explain why your house was hit by a tornado. I am going
    to discuss a few ways to keep your house clean because everyone knows a healthy
    home leads to a healthy mind.

    The first thing you can do in the morning is make your bed. This takes a couple of
    seconds and will give you the strength to get on with your day. Tidy up as you
    go along. As you use things make sure you clean up after yourself and put
    everything back on its place once you done with it. Wipe it once you done. We
    all clumsy and tend to mess things as we go along. Wiping it immediately will
    not only make it easy to clean but will leave your countertops and floors
    shining. Do a load of laundry every day. Having loads of laundry to do is an
    everyday issue. So try and do a load every day and you won’t have overflowing
    hampers lying around and your family will have more clean clothes to wear.

    Place all documents, newspapers and school books in its proper place. Assign draws or
    shelves to keep all the unnecessary clutter off the counters and on its place.
    It is much easier to keep your house clean when you don’t collect unnecessary
    stuff so donate or throw away what you don’t need. Please ensure you clean your
    fridge on a regular basis. When ensuring the health of you family you need to
    make sure that not only the environment around them is clean but also the food
    that they eat. By having a clean fridge you ensure that all the food is fresh
    and germ free. Always clean up after cooking and eating. By washing your dishes
    immediately will ensure your kitchen is neat in no time. Besides there’s
    nothing more disgusting then going to wash dishes that have been lying for
    days. Tidy up whatever you can and give a quick sweep before you go to bed. You
    will appreciate all of this in the morning.

    You can start by doing these few things regularly and will always come home to a
    clean and healthy house. No more stressful cleaning sprees.